Monday, May 18, 2009

Why Worry??

Death was walking towards a city one morning when a man spotted him and
asked, "What are you going to do?"

"Hmmm… I'm going to take 100 people." Death replied.

"That's horrible" the man said.

"Well, that's the way it is." Death said. "That's what I do, it’s my

The man hurried to warn everyone he could about Death's plan.

As evening fell, he met Death again. "You lied. You told me you were
going to take 100 people," the man said, "Why did 1,000 die?"

"I kept my word" Death responded. "I only took 100 people. Worry took
the other 900."

Worry is, and will always be, a fatal disease of the heart, for its
beginning signals the end of faith.

Worry intrudes on God's compassionate ability to provide. When we
allow our problems to overshadow God's promises, we unknowingly, doom
ourselves to defeat.

That was never part of God's eternal plans. Release the regrets of
yesterday, refuse the fears of tomorrow and received instead, the peace of

Remember worrying doesn't solve anything, Instead, it hurts everything.

Simply let go and let God be God. Live this, and be eternally blessed.
For with God all things are possible.

If you're gonna worry, why pray!

But if you're gonna pray, why worry?

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