Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Insights through Yoga

Defects of mind (kleshas):
1. Ignorance (Avidya) - we want to see reality according to our way. We forget the characteristics of a thing. We want them to remain always with us but that is not the reality. We want every human to behave sweetly and nicely, but we forget that after all he is a human and humans can be angry sometimes. Yoga says see the thing as it is in life. If you keep up this awareness, suffering will be reduced.

2. Ego (Asmita) - too much identification is another defect of mind. When there is so much of identification and a person does not get what he identifies with, then that person becomes disturbed, frustrated.

3. Attachment (Raga) - Attachment to material things creates a lot of problems for us.

4. Hatred (Dwesha) - we have no right to hate anybody. A person has to go above the level of right and wrong. Yogis say that everything should be seen from a little higher level of consiousness.

5. Fear of Annihilation (Abhinivesha) - A person wants to hold on, and gets upset about little changes, about changes in the body,  and has a fear of death.

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